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Clients want experienced lawyers who provide high quality services, but also want a lawyer who is accessible and sensitive to their personal problems and business concerns. Michael understands how daunting the legal system can be and is always available to help clients.


Michael has been representing individuals, business clients, and community groups in Harford County for the last ten years. A native of Harford County, Michael has served as an Assistant Attorney General in Maryland and New York and spent four years as a Trial Attorney with the US Department of Justice in Washington, DC. He was a partner in major law firms in White Plains and Albany, New York before joining General Electric’s Corporate legal department as regional counsel for environmental remedial programs. While maintaining his practice in Harford County, he also worked for the Baltimore City Law Department on multimillion dollar contract, construction defect, and employment cases. He has handled trials and appeals at all levels of state and federal courts in Maryland and New York. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia and the University of Maryland Law School.



Michael S. Elder has handled cases at all trial and appellate levels in the Maryland court system including District Court, Circuit Court and the Maryland Court of Appeals. He has also argued cases in federal trial and appellate courts in Baltimore, Manhattan and Albany, New York. He has obtained settlements and judgments in multimillion dollar contract, construction defect and environmental cases, among others. He has negotiated hundreds of contracts, both simple and highly complex, in connection with real estate transactions, construction projects, and other business areas. Michael has authored both practical and scholarly articles on a variety of criminal and civil law topics. He was awarded several Special Achievement Awards from the U.S. Justice Department, held an executive tier position at General Electric and was a supervising attorney at several law firms and the New York Attorney General’s Office.

practice areas


Michael Elder has achieved success in a wide range of practice areas. He invites you to let him put his experience to work on your behalf.

practice areas


Michael has tried cases and argued appeals in a wide variety of legal areas. He has been a white-collar prosecutor in the Maryland and New York Attorney General’s Office and argued criminal appeals for the Maryland Public Defender. As a civil attorney, he has handled environmental contamination cases, personal injury and medical negligence matters and claims against governmental agencies involving land use, negligence, and arbitrary bureaucratic decision making under the Administrative Procedure Act.


Michael has negotiated and litigated contract and other business disputes on behalf of individuals, large and small corporations and governmental agencies relating to real estate, land development, construction projects, professional services, employment, and environmental cleanups.


Michael has represented scores of individuals in disability cases and has obtained favorable rulings in almost every one of them. Because of the restrictive policies of the Social Security Administration in recent years, these cases require careful analysis and preparation by lawyers versed in the law and conversant with complicated physical and psychological medical issues.


When reconciliation and mediation fails, you need the services of an attorney who will forcefully and fairly represent your interests, and who is skilled in factual investigation, evaluation of financial documents and deposing witnesses. Michael’s background as a white-collar prosecutor and civil litigator has well served his family law clients. Thorough factual development is essential to set the stage for fair and equitable outcomes through negotiation and if necessary trial of disputed issues.


Michael has represented landlords and tenants in connection with claims of injuries sustained on allegedly unsafe or improperly maintained rental properties or business properties open to the public. Michael’s representation of clients in this complex area of the law has provided him with a thorough understanding of the legal and factual issues necessary to defend or pursue claims of unsafe conditions.


HOA and Condominium Boards should be fully representative, fair and transparent, but that is not always the case. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly or that your Board has not complied with its obligations under your community’s governing documents, Michael can help you. He has successfully negotiated resolution of community disputes and understands how to leverage state law and HOA and Condominium by-laws and other relevant requirements to reach fair and equitable outcomes, and if necessary to call these Boards to account in court.



• Obtained favorable settlements in state and federal court in cases involving soil and drinking water contamination by gasoline, fuel oil and solvents through presentation of compelling scientific and medical testimony and evidence.
• Obtained favorable court rulings in several multi-million-dollar contract cases on behalf of a major Maryland City.
• Negotiated million-dollar settlements on behalf of municipal clients in cases involving collapsed or unsafe commercial structures and public thoroughfares under theories of public nuisance and violation of building codes and industry standards.

Obtained judgements in multi-million-dollar contract cases representing a major Maryland City

Obtained favorable resolutions in mold, landlord liability and property damage cases

Successfully prosecuted fraud, false statement and other white collar crimes

Obtained cleanups in major Environmental cases


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